Double Dipping the Local Deals

As we all know it; famous athletes, movie stars, singers and alike receive big checks from their product endorsement deals. In today's highly connected world, aren't we all celebrities of our own little communities, too? You don't need to be famous before benefiting from your social influences. Every local business owner appreciates your word-of-mouth marketing value; yet, they just couldn't effectively track it to reward you before our innovative app came out.

The Best Hunting Ground

Huge Savings

Merchants keep their deepest discounts exclusive to you in exchange of an echo.

Pay Directly

No pre-purchases or missing your pre-paid deals. No printing or carrying coupons.

Extra Rewards

Earn points for each friend you had on an echo, and redeem them for special offers.

iPhone App

How it Works for Customers

See in less than 90 seconds how our unique system works to get you the best deals in town.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Have a Bargain

Discover the Discounts

View category specific listings for Restaurant, Retail, Spa & Fitness, Entertainment or Travel related bargain offers in your city.

Sort by discount amount, distance, customer ratings and more.

Connect Social Networks

Verify your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account only once, and an echo button will appear right away on every bargain page.

The more connected you are, the more reward points you will score.

Make an Echo

Show tapping on an orange echo button to get the advertised discounts. Each grey echo button turns orange at its offering location.

Echo postings appear only on your wall, and won't spam your friends.

Redeem Rewards

Earn reward points with every echo you make regardless if your social network connections make a purchase too, or not.

One reward point is yours for every 100 people in your social networks.

Web App

App Testimonials

No iPhone/Android, No Problem. Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone, or any other type of mobile device could still access our bargains through their web browsers. Enter: "" on the URL address bar and you are in.

Go to: BARGAINecho Web App!

“Brilliant Idea”

This is a brilliant idea. Simply a brilliant idea.

Jie Li Zhu,

“Forgetting is Over”

No more missing a deal after I have already paid for.

Yvonne Hu,

“Never Printing Again”

I hated printing coupons and carrying them everywhere.

Frank Zor,

“Love the Points”

I am building my good karma and reward points at the same time.

Burak Kaya,

“First Place”

My first place to check before I leave home to do anything.

Kamesh Kaul,

“Can't Wait”

I can't wait for this service to become available in my town, too.

Pero Duygu,

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About Us

BARGAINecho™ has a patent-pending technology that is developed and run by the professional entrepreneurs of SINNOM LLC, a strategic innovation management firm. Our service is currently available in a select number of cities, and expanding to many more cities quickly.


We are here to help. We welcome your questions and enjoy hearing your suggestions. Contact us;

Phone: 707-404-ECHO

Nebi Cem Erdogan CEO

Founder and the technology inventor.

Eve Erdogan COO

Legal and the operations director.

Shamoni Mulay CMO

Sales and the marketing strategist.

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