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Digital Word-of-Mouth Marketing

No longer tracking coupon codes, sharing revenues or waiting for your money!

BARGAINecho™ is radically changing the traditional word-of-mouth marketing methods with its patent-pending technology, providing merchants with the most effective local advertising solution out there. Our innovative mobile app sets your promotional offers go viral on social networks instantly. New customers will need to promote your business in order to be able to earn your discounts.

Stop giving your discounts away for nothing more than a transaction in return. Now, you can reach out to any discount seeking customer's friends as well, right from the point-of-sale in real-time. You also get to award our loyalty points to your customers at no additional cost to you.

Amazing Advertisement Value


Reach out to every customer's Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin friends instantly.


Place your brand, business address, phone number and promotions for thousands of engaged customers to see.


Reward your customers with our loyalty points when they tell friends about your business and offers.


Pay only $2 for each customer showing up with our app. Our users come to your physical location, and pay you directly.

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How it Works for Merchants

See in less than 2 minutes how we promote your business with our unique system.

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7 Wonders of BARGAINecho

1) No shared revenues. Only $2 flat fee for each sales that we originated.

2) Collect payments directly from your customers. No waiting for a check weeks after the sale.

3) Discounts can be as low as 10% with your own offer terms as long as you don't advertise better deals at anywhere else.

4) Only smartphone and other high-end mobile devices can redeem your deals, so you can target a more affluent customer base.

5) Your highest value customers are rewarded with our loyalty points at no additional cost to you.

6) Limit the number of discount customers you want to have. No needs to track coupon codes or expiration dates.

7) You do not wait for our deal approvals or available dates to be able to publish your offers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Get More Business

1) Open an Account

Apply for a Business Account at

2) Buy Echo Credits

Purchase one echo credit ($2) for each customer you would like us to bring in.

3) Create a Bargain

Post a deal to attract new customers, and watch them tapping the "echo" button from their phone.

4) Honor the Discount

Customers echo your bargains throughout their social networks to earn the discounts you offer.

Apply for your business account through our web app. It takes less than 60 seconds, and we'll call you for its verification shortly after.

If you create bargains immediately, they'll still get listed after our call.

Every paying customer costs only one echo credit. Purchase and maintain a high balance of credits to keep your bargains active.

If you run out of echo credits, new customers cannot see your offers.

Make an attractive offer to the customers who are willing to share it with their social networks. Only one deal is active at any given day.

If you pick future dates, you can preset multiple deals in advance.

Apply the advertised discounts when a customer shows tapping on the echo button of your bargain. Their friends come for the same.

If you get rated high too, even more social network contacts will come.

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About Us

BARGAINecho™ has a patent-pending technology that is developed and run by the professional entrepreneurs of SINNOM LLC, a strategic innovation management firm. Our service is currently available in a select number of cities, and expanding to many more cities quickly.


We are entrepreneurs, too. We understand and enjoy helping small business owners. Contact us;

Phone: 707-404-ECHO

Nebi Cem Erdogan CEO

Founder and the technology inventor.

Eve Erdogan COO

Legal and the operations director.

Shamoni Mulay CMO

Sales and the marketing strategist.

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